Sparkle and Rise is an international, non-profit organization headquartered in Austin, Texas, in the United States of America.  

Sparkle and Rise connects your family to whichever of our projects and causes are close to your heart, so you can support the needs of children around the world.  While many charity organizations place age limits on those who can volunteer, we created Sparkle and Rise specifically to facilitate children helping other children. 

Children as young as five years old can get involved. And you will know both the specific project and which children you are supporting. Your support may go to provide textbooks to school children in Africa or life saving medical procedures to those in India. But you get to choose, and you will know exactly the good you are doing.

At Sparkle and Rise, we recognize that children must have their basic needs met, but we go beyond that. We are committed to supporting children throughout their education, so they may obtain the training they need to one day support themselves and improve their own quality of life. It is about food and water, but it is also about professional aspirations.

At Sparkle and Rise, we don’t talk about “success stories” because our work is never completed. We have built a platform to empower spiritually hungry children to care for nutritionally hungry ones. Not everyone can travel abroad, so we enable you and your family to help right from your own home.


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