Our Story

Sparkle and Rise was born of a need to connect privileged but spiritually-hungry children with children less fortunate than they are — children who are hungry for food, care and education. In this way, both sets of children benefit from our programs. The children who participate in Penny Jar projects and the Youth Ambassador program learn the value of philanthropic endeavors and connecting with other cultures. The children they help receive valuable nourishment, medical care and education. Because both children and adults are encouraged to get involved, “The projects at Sparkle and Rise are designed to be family projects that inspire you to connect with those less fortunate in addition to your own community and family.”


Sparkle and Rise projects for these three places fall into four categories: education, healthcare, basic needs, and wishes. With Sparkle and Rise…

~Children as young as five years old can actively participate in helping others. Our Penny Jar project is perfect for ages 5-11, and teens 12-16 years old can become Youth Ambassadors.

~You can get involved in any way that fits your schedule and other commitments.

~We want you to emotionally connect to a particular project or child. You can choose what speaks to your heart.

~We want to help you connect to your community.

Pick a project below that speaks to you. Raise money through the Penny Jar and Youth Ambassador programs. Share your story on social media and motivate others in your community.


Our Projects

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we empower spiritually hungry children to take care of nutritionally hungry children

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