Kepler STEM School believes education can change the world. They also believe all students around the globe should have access to education. Hence they teamed up with Sparkle and Rise, to start the Penny Jar Project. This fundraiser directly supported the Generous Community School in Lusaka, Zambia.

Kepler STEM School worked with Sparkle and Rise in their endeavour and encouraged their youngies aged 4-6 years old to bring coins everyday to school for a month. Children were so excited to bring in pennies, quarters to dollar bills every day until the jars were full in each class room. They felt so empowered to help children continent away in buying books, stationeries,story books and other school supplies. 

Sparkle and Rise provided them the platform to make a difference in these children’s lives and at the same time empower the young generation to change the world with one penny at a time. 

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we empower spiritually hungry children to take care of nutritionally hungry children

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