Penny Heros

Calling all children four years and older…

Dear Young “Change” Ambassadors,

Thanks you for wanting to start your own Penny Project. Follow the steps below to start your own jar. If you are in the the Austin area, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly provide you a jar.

When your jar is full, choose a cause or a project from our site that feels close to your heart and let us know where your donation should go. Take your picture with the Jar, Ask your parents to share it on the social media and tag @Sparkleandrise

Your mom can deposit the money you raised  in the bank and make online donation to us for the same amount.


Shetal Patel

Founder, Sparkle and Rise



Get a small mason jar or use your old piggy bank if you like.


Get a friend to do it with you.


Start filling up the jars. Set a timeline of, preferably, 1 month.


Once done, hand the jar to Mom or accompany her to the bank or change machine and get your change converted to bills.


You can start again :) Have your parents take your picture with the jar and post it on social media and tag @


Apply to be the Penny Jar Manager.


Number Of Jars Filled


Number Of Children Helped

Make a Difference

Whether you want to get involved on your own or bring in the family, we have something for you.

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